artificial stone moulds

artificial stone moulds
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Published on: May 15, 2019

artificial stone moulds

Published on: May 15, 2019 | Category: Other Services | Location: Isfahan, Kushki Kuhma, Herat, Afghanistan

Sale of artificial stone molds, table molds, plastic molds, polymer molds

Spadana Stone Company offers a variety of polymer molds (Viking Forming) and Artificial Stone Plast Cement in a variety of designs with the lowest price and superior quality.
The molds of antique and simple mosaics are in size 30 * 30, 40 * 40 and 50 * 50
The molds of antique and winding facade stones
Wide stones and molded stone molds 60 * 40
Table template 35 * 50
All types of stones and stairs
Types of plastic mosaic molds
Corinthian mold
Street table format
Urban furniture format
Types of rocky and antique designs
Molds of polymer mosaics, mosaic molds and passages, paving molds, concrete molds and sheet molds at reasonable prices in various designs called Spadana
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