ammonia leak detector

ammonia leak detector ammonia leak detector ammonia leak detector
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Published on: May 16, 2021

ammonia leak detector

Published on: May 16, 2021 | Category: All Stores | Location: Arghanj Khwa, Badakhshan, Afghanistan

Gas storage leakage monitoring
Chemical pharmacy, agriculture Ammonia is used to make ammonia, nitrogen fertilizer (urea, ammonium bicarbonate, etc.), compound fertilizer, nitric acid, ammonium salt, soda ash, etc. It is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, chemical fertilizer, pharmacy, synthetic fiber and other fields
Farms, public toilets, landfills, waste gas treatment and other industries, nitrogen-containing inorganic salts and organic intermediates, sulfa drugs, polyurethane, polyamide fibers and nitrile rubber, etc., all need to directly use ammonia as raw materials
Refrigeration industry Liquid ammonia is often used as a refrigerant
The explosion-proof safety cavity design meets IEC60079 electrical explosion-proof requirements; the aluminum explosion-proof enclosure has good sealing, anti-corrosion, long life, low temperature resistance, resistance to sulfide, silane gas poisoning; suitable for offshore platforms, and high temperature, Use in various harsh environments such as high humidity.
Using advanced imported sensors, high precision, high service life, repeatability and stability.
Automatically identify sensor probes, you can use sensor probes of different gas types; after replacing the sensor probe, the program automatically recognizes and obtains gas type, range, low point alarm value, high point alarm value and other parameters.
LCD with backlight, concentration value displayed on site, on-site and remote setting maintenance does not affect the control unit; the non-contact method of magnetic induction completes the calibration and parameter setting.
Four extra-high-bright LED lights indicate power supply, low and high alarms and function prompts respectively. The low limit and high limit alarm action values ​​can be programmed and set; at the same time, the sound alarm will sound an alarm and inform the on-site staff as soon as possible.
At the same time, it has digital and signal output. The signal is a standard three-wire 4-20mA current signal; the digital signal is RS485, which can be very convenient to communicate with the host computer.
A password to enter the menu can be set to prevent other personnel from operating and changing parameters at will, which is safe and reliable.
EST-301-NH3 ammonia detector, ammonia leak detector:
Model Gas type Standard range display resolution Sensitivity Precision Response time
EST-301-NH3-100 Ammonia 0-100/1000ppm 0.1/1ppm 0.5/1ppm ±5%F.S. <60S

Sensitivity is the lowest test concentration of the instrument, the above is the measurement range of conventional gas concentration, and other ranges can be customized

Electrical performance
1. Working voltage: 12-30VDC
2. Working current: 20-30mA (static)
3. Display mode: 4-digit LCD display with backlight
4. Display unit: PPM
8. Detection object: ammonia
9. Detection principle: electrochemistry
10. Detection method: diffusion
11. Response time: 60s
12. Alarm value: settable (0 means cancel the alarm)
13. Alarm mode: two-level sound and light alarm (external sound alarm, optional)
14. Alarm error: ≤±5% alarm setting value
15. Contact capacity output: 10A 250VAC
16. Repeatability: ≤2%;
17. Stability: ≤±2%F.S/6h (zero point), ≤±5%F.S/6h (gain)
18. Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃
19. Relative humidity: ≤ 95%RH without freezing
20. Atmospheric pressure: ±10% atm
21. Signal output: three-wire 4-20mA and RS485 (digital)
22. Transmission distance: ≤100m (4-20mA), ≤1000m (RS485)
23. Explosion-proof grade: Ex d IIC T6
24. Protection level: IP65
25. Wiring mode: M20*1.5 internal thread
26. Installation method: wall-mounted
27. Shell material: aluminum explosion-proof shell (main shell), stainless steel (accessory)
28. Machine size: 226*177*92mm
29. Whole machine weight: about 1.5 kg

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